Testimonial: Jon Daveline, City Council Member, City of Hutchinson



I am Jon Daveline. I am currently serving my second four-year term on the Hutchinson City Council, including serving as Mayor from April 2016 to January 2018. My professional career spanned over 30 years as President/CEO of Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce. Throughout my career I had the good fortune of working with three City Managers in Hutchinson... George Pyle, Joe Palacioz, and John Deardoff. Over the years we developed strong working relationships on numerous fronts and built a sense of trust as partners on a multitude of initiatives from economic development recruitment projects, downtown revitalization, highway and transportation, and the all-important infrastructure priorities of the city. My admiration and respect for council/manager form of government was reinforced once I was elected to the council. I formed a new appreciation for how an effective city manager can guide a community's direction and be a strong influence in how the governing body resolves controversial and sometimes sensitive issues. As a member of the city council I have learned there is a real art and skill set for how a city manager blends his/her professional management styles, which forms a cohesive team of elected officials working in concert with the city manager. The framework for what a city council desires in a city manager include the expectations of being trained in the profession, including responsibilities of preparing budgets, directing day-to-day operations, hiring and firing of personnel, negotiations with bargaining units, serving as council chief policy advisor, and providing cost effective service delivery techniques to name a few. There are also "soft skills" that I believe are paramount to city management. GOOD CHARACTER and STRONG LEADERSHIP are two essentials cornerstones that I look to in a city manager. Since Hutchinson adopted the city manager form of government decades ago, the city has been well served with individuals operating under the highest standards of management principles of integrity and honesty.

Thank you for this opportunity to allow me to share my thoughts.

Jon R. Daveline, former Mayor, Hutchinson City Council