Below is a list of committee members and the function/purpose of each committee. If you are interested in more information about the committees or would like to join one, contact Nikki Harrison.

Awards Committee

The Awards/Recognition Committee is responsible for the oversight and implementation of various awards and scholarships presented on behalf of the Association. This includes the refinement and development of policies governing various awards. Currently this committee oversees the following awards: Buford Watson, Jr., Early Career Excellence, Career Recognition, Leadership, and Sunflower. This committee also oversees the following scholarships: Virgil Basgall, KACM, and Rising Star Scholarship.

Conference Planning Committee

This committee is responsible for organizing and coordinating the various conferences and membership education seminars sponsored by the Association. Conferences and educational opportunities under current development include:

  • KACM Winter Seminar (WSU)
  • KCCM Spring Conference (KU)
  • KACM Annual Conference


Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is responsible for the promotion of high ethical standards among Association members. Specific committee responsibilities include the following:

  • Investigate and provide whatever background information is required of ICMA regarding ethics violations allegedly committed by KACM members.
  • Recommend and support programs on ethics at KACM and other local government conferences.
  • Prepare and maintain a model code of ethics that can be adopted by local city/county governments.

Marketing Committee

This committee is responsible for cultivating content for the KACM website, as well as developing a dedicated LinkedIn page for the organization. The Marketing Committee oversees other various channels for communication, currently under development and discussion.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of a strong support network among Association members. Specific responsibilities include the following:

  • The development and implementation of a plan to recruit new members and retain existing members to the Association.
  • Develop and foster a program to assist the Association members who are in "transition."

Foundation Fund Trustees

In 2020, the KACM Scholarship Fund was established at Greater Horizons to enable tax-deductible donations to scholarships (see Donations for information and to make donations). To champion this new effort and oversee the fund, the KACM Board appointed 5 Trustees to five-year terms (beginning Oct. 29, 2020) and the KACM Treasurer. Anyone with questions or ideas about how to honor the service of KACM members with a contribution should contact any of the Trustees.


Kathy Sexton (Chair)
Matt Allen
Courtney Christensen
John Deardoff
Jay Wieland
Leslie Herring (KACM Treasurer)

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