Membership Application

Online KACM Membership Application | KACM By-laws

Membership Categories

There are four categories for KACM membership:


Full members shall have the privilege of voting and holding office. Chief administrative officers (CAO), assistant managers, and senior level staff members may qualify for full voting membership based upon the following criteria. A CAO qualifies for full voting membership if the individual:

  1. occupies a position that is appointed by an elected representative or representatives and is directly responsible to an elected representative and/or representatives;
  2. has significant responsibility in the development and analysis of public policy alternatives and in the implementation of policy once adopted;
  3. has major responsibility for the preparation and administration of the operating and capital improvements budget;
  4. exercises significant influence appointing key mangement personnel (especially administrative and financial staff) of the local government;
  5. is recognized within the local government organization as the principal general management professional and have a continuing direct relationship with the operating department heads on the implementation and administration of the programs; and
  6. is appointed to the position based on education, experience and on qualifications to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position as defined by ICMA's Practices for Effective Local Government Management.

Assistant managers and other senior level staff members are eligible for full voting membership if the individual:

  1. is appointed by the CAO;
  2. reports to the CAO;
  3. has significant general administrative responsibilities; and
  4. has the approval of the CAO.

Affiliate members shall have the privilege of voting, but shall not be eligible to hold office. In order to qualify for affiliate membership, the individual may be any person who does not otherwise meet the qualifications for full membership and who is currently, or was formerly, employed by a city, a county, or a university.

Business Affiliate

Business affiliates shall not have the privilege of voting or holding office. In order to qualify as a business affiliate, the individual must complete the application and pay the appropriate fees as established by the board.


Any person registered as a student in a university public administration program qualifies to join as a student. Students do not have the privilege of voting or holding office.


A former KACM or ICMA member retired under KPERS or oter applicable retirement system qualifies to join as a retired member. Retirees do not have the privilege of voting or holding office.

Honorary Member

The board of directors may grant honorary memberships. To be eligible, the individual must have been a full or affiliate member and currently retired from or no loner employed in the profession. Honorary members shall pay no dues, hold no office, or vote.

Approval of Application

Upon submission of the application and payment of the appropriate dues, such applicant shall be considered a provisional member of the organization. Notice of such application shall be sent to the membership on the organization's list serv. During the 10 days following notification on the list serv, any member in good standing of the organization may file a protest regarding the applicant's membership. If a protest is filed, then the Board of Directors shall make the determination of whether to approve the membership application. If there is no protest filed during the 10 days following notification on the list serv, the application shall be considered complete and the membership status shall no longer be provisional.

Member Type Population Dues
Full Cities less than 7,000 $70
Cities 7,001-15,000 $140
Cities 15,001 and over $210
Counties $210
Affiliate N/A $45
Business Affiliate N/A $100
Student N/A $30
Retired N/A $0
Honorary N/A $0

‡ Effective January 1, 2013 and subject to a protest filed pursuant to Article VI, Section 3, an individual who accepts a chief administrative officer position for the first time with a Kansas city or county and was not previously a full member of KACM, shall be granted a complimentary full membership for the calendar year in which they accepted the position.