New Website for KACM

The KACM project team is happy to announce the upgrade to the website into a much more user-friendly resource for Kansas cities and counties. The website underwent a complete overhaul, updating a system that was built over 5 years ago to a mobile-friendly, easy-to-update site built on Drupal CMS. The project started in April with a bid process and was completed on time and within budget, and even included a few extras. 

Member Directory

  • A key requirement of the project was providing a sortable, searchable member directory. The public view of the directory includes basic member information, while the logged in view for active members includes more detailed information. A filter was added to sort by Senior Advisors, to make finding a mentor easier.

Member Resources

  • A new feature for the site is a File Share that allows members to upload files to share with other members. This could be a helpful way to share a document template or other helpful file with other city administrators.
  • The new site also offers a Message Center that provides forum-style communication options between members. This can be a way to engage on various topics that concern CAOs in a private, members-only forum. 
  • Members can easily add themselves to a committee on their member page, and KACM can send emails to those committee members from the admin area of the site.

New Content

While the main goal of the site was to migrate the existing content to a better platform, some new content was added. 

  • Student Resources, located under the "Benefits" section, provides information for student members of KACM.
  • The new Partners page highlights the partners that work with KACM.


  • The Homepage features images from various cities of Kansas that were submitted to the most recent LKM photo contest.
  • The site features a Twitter feed of the accounts of cities across Kansas.

KACM plans on posting regular news and helpful content to the site now that it is much easier to keep updated. If you have any feedback or ideas, please let us know at