Scholarships are presented every year at the Spring KU KCCM Conference. This year, they will be presented on Thursday, April 23, 2020 at the Oread Hotel in Lawrence, Kansas.

KACM currently offers one Virgil Basgall Scholarship, two KACM Scholarships, and three Rising Star Scholarships. The Virgil Basgall and KACM scholarship recipients are nominated by KU, KSU, and WSU for MPA students. The Rising Star Scholarship is $1,000 for three employees at KACM member cities/counties whose manager recommends them as someone with potential to advance into a management role, but needs more education first.

To apply for a Rising Star Scholarship, email your letter of interest (career aspirations and educational plan) with resume and letter of recommendation from a KACM member (prefer all three documents in one .pdf file) to Jonathan Mitchell, Hoisington City Manager and chair of the KACM Awards Committee, by March 26, 2020.


Virgil Basgall Scholarship
2019Brooke Bailey, Wichita State University
2018Susanna Geiger, University of Kansas
2017Evan Bolt, Wichita State University
2016John Tingley, Wichita State University
2015Danielle Young, Wichita State University
2014Mitchell Kolb, Wichita State University
2013Zachary Daniel, Wichita State University
2012Taggart Wall, Wichita State University
2011Kyle Carr, Wichita State University
2010Collin Bielser, University of Kansas
2009Michael Woodrum, Wichita State University
2008Nicholas Woolery, University of Kansas
2007Ryan Rogers, University of Kansas
2006Anthony Schwartzendruber, Wichita State University
2005Andy Hixson Emporia State University
2004Emily Watson, University of Kansas; Jeff Porter, Wichita State University
2003David Dillner, University of Kansas; Brandon Kauffman, Wichita State University
2002Glynis E. Nelson, Wichita State University
2001Tansy Brooks, University of Kansas
2000Laura Fitzpatrick, University of Kansas
1999Linda Hamilton, Wichita State University
1998Merle "Rocky" Bumgarner, University of Kansas
1997Sammi Mangus, Wichita State University
1996Michael Pisciotte, Wichita State University
1995Bryan Pruitt, Wichita State University
1994Frances Chou, University of Kansas
1993Misty Ridnour, Wichita State University
1992Walter Denton, University of Kansas
1991Wendy Murray, University of Kansas; Scott Knebel, Wichita State University
1990Sharon Patnode, University of Kansas
1989Siobhan Warren Foster, University of Kansas
1988David Collinsworth, University of Kansas
1987Mark Perkins, University of Kansas
1986Roger Nelson, University of Kansas
1985Kevin Coleman, University of Kansas
1984Jane (Vallese) Carrola, University of Kansas
1983Jody (McAfee) Kole, University of Kansas
1982Kristy Cannon, University of Kansas
1981Rick Cotton, University of Kansas
1980Dana Foster, University of Kansas
KACM Scholarship
2019Marissa Jones-Flaget, Kansas State University; Jeffery Rhodes, University of Kansas
2018Gabrielle Hull, Kansas State University; Chelsee Newkirk, Wichita State University
2017Monica McFarlane, Kansas State University; Joe Wimmer, Kansas State University
2016Matt Zayas, Kansas State University
2015Jared Wasinger, Kansas State University
2014Jasmine Greene, Kansas State University
2013Ali Weinel, University of Kansas
2012Chelsey Gordon, University of Kansas
2011Jacqueline Schwerm, University of Kansas
2010Emily Graf, Wichita State University
2009Kathleen Scanlon, University of Kansas
Rising Star Scholarship
2019Jennifer Martin, Lenexa; Chad Musick, Eudora; Tristin Terhune, Bel Aire
2018Audree Aguilera, Lyons; Amy Finch, Ottawa; Melissa McCoy, Dodge City

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