Listserv Etiquette

Several KACM members have expressed concerns about who is reading our Listserv exchanges, who can subscribe to KACM Listserv, and privacy issues. The following is a copy of the policy that was adopted by the KACM Governing Board. Please save this for your records.

The purpose of the KACM Listserv

  • Network with colleagues.
  • Quickly resolve problems and seek solutions.
  • Seek advice or answers and get responses quickly.
  • Encourage members to actively participate in discussions or simply monitor information.
  • Provide a tool by which all members can stay involved with the KACM organization.

The KACM Listserv is a membership benefit. The Listserv is open to all current members in all membership categories, except those members in the Affiliate Member category who represent a business or consulting firm offering services or commodities for sale. All new KACM members will have the option of being added to the KACM Listserv by following the subscription instructions. All new members should provide an email address on the membership application. No one will be included on the Listserv or be able to send email messages to the Listserv unless they are a member of KACM (as described above) or are a staff member of the League of Kansas Municipalities who either services the Listserv or is a liaison to KACM.

Listserv Rules

  • Do not use defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, or offensive language or include illegal materials in emails sent to the Listserv.
  • Do not post commercial messages for the solicitation of products and services.

If you have any questions or would like to be added to the listserv, please contact Nikki Harrison, 785-354-9565.

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