Who We Are

The Kansas Association of City/County Management (KACM) is an organization of local government management officials working together since 1951 to support and promote professional management and high ethical standards for effective democracy in local city and county governments in Kansas. KACM seeks to support member managers, administrators, and assistants through the interchange of ideas and information for professional development and through support of the individual.

What We Do

The purpose of KACM is to enhance the quality of local government and to support and assist local government professionals in Kansas. To further its mission, KACM:

  • Supports and actively promotes council-manager government and professional management in all forms of local government.
  • Provides training programs and publications for local government professionals that improve their skills, increase their knowledge of local government, and strengthen their commitment to the ethics, values, and ideals of the profession.
  • Supports members in their efforts to meet professional, partnership, and personal needs.


  • WSU Winter Seminar - February
  • KCCM Spring Conference - April
  • Annual Conference - December


  • Directory of members
  • Annual member pay and benefit salary
  • Annual conference
  • Ethics information and investigation at ICMA's request
  • Information and support to cities and counties interested in professional management
  • Support of professional standards for local governmental management
  • Networking opportunities
  • Transition support


  • Buford Watson, Jr. Award for Excellence in Management
  • Early Career Excellence Award
  • Career Achievement Award


  • Virgil Basgall
  • KACM
  • Rising Star

Important Documents


News and Announcements

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